Polaris HPL

Polaris is smooth and velvety to the touch, with a unique edge detail that is unlike anything on the market.

Unique Edge Detail: European birch finished with a innovative solid 1mm through-colour matt laminate perfect for cafes, homes, schools and any commercial space.

Oversized Sheet: Comes as a 3m length, ideal for benchtops.

Food Safety: Verification tests according to ISO 22196 / JIS Z 2801 conducted by an accredited laboratory to measure the antibacterial performance, demonstrate that the bacterial load is reduced by 99.9% after 24 hours. The structure of Polaris with its high degree of cross-linking makes its surface compact and non-porous. This characteristic doesn’t allow bacterial, fungal and / or micro-organisms colonies to penetrate and proliferate.

ABS Edging Available

  • Key features
    • Anti-fingerprint
    • Smooth and velvety to the touch
    • Scratch and abrasion resistant
    • Resistant to dry heat
    • Thermal healing properties
    • Low-light reflectivity
    • Enhanced anti-bacterial properties
  • Dimensions
    • 19mm 3000 x 1250mm
    • 25mm 3000 x 1250mm
  • Scope of use
    • Kitchen and bathroom cabinetry, benchtops
    • School, office and shop fittings
    • Furniture
  • Limitations

      For interior applications only

  • Maintenance
    • The surface of Polaris must never be treated with products containing abrasive substances, abrasive sponges, sandpaper or steel wool
    • Products with very high acid or alkaline content should be avoided as they can stain the surface
    • Avoid furniture polishes and wax based cleaners as they form a sticky layer to which dirt adheres
  • Performance
    • Environment Protection Standard: ISO 14001:2005
    • Quality Management Standard: ISO 9001:2009
    • ULEF: No harmful emissions
    • FSC Certified
    • PEFC Certified
    • For certifications see the downloads tab

Case Studies

Matt Black Work Surfaces Add to Creative Agency’s Refined Look

Polaris HPL was used for desktop surfaces, providing a stylish matt black finish without the worry of fingerprints or marks. 

Click here to view case study

Click here to view case study