Joubert Gaboon BS1088

Manufactured by Joubert (France) from carefully selected Okoume logs. The high quality of Joubert Gaboon allows for a wide range of decorative applications. The application of a clear coat enhances the natural warmth of the grain and colour of the Okoume veneer.

  • Key features
    • Pale pink to brown in colour
    • Straight to slightly wavy grain
    • Even medium texture
  • Dimensions
    • 2500 x 1220mm (Length x Width): 4mm/3ply, 6mm/5ply, 9mm/5ply, 12mm/7ply, 18mm/9ply, 25mm/11ply
  • Scope of use
    • Marine construction
    • Joinery and furniture
    • Kitchen and bathroom cabinetry
    • Office and shop fittings
    • Wall and ceiling lining
  • Performance
    • Environment Protection Standard: ISO 14001:2004
    • Quality Management Standard: ISO 9001:2008
    • ULEF: No harmful emissions
    • FSC Certified
    • PEFC Certified
    • For certifications see the downloads tab

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