Birch Model Ply

Manufactured from the finest Finnish Birch wood veneer, Birch Model Ply is a strong, yet flexible cross-banded plywood. It uses only thin Birch veneer and features a joint-free Birch veneer surface. The flexibility of Birch Model Ply offers a huge range of possibilities in large scale models, toys, furniture, latticework and much more. The faces can be lacquered, waxed or stained.

  • Key features
    • European Birch
    • Straight grain and fine texture
    • Product colour can range from creamy white to biscuit
    • Flexible cross-banded plywood
  • Dimensions
    • 1270x1270 – 0.4mm/3ply, 0.8mm/3ply, 1mm/3ply, 1.2mm/3ply, 1.5mm/3ply, 2.0mm/4ply, 2.5mm/5ply, 3.0mm/6ply, 4.0mm/8ply, 5.0mm/10ply
  • Scope of use
    • Architectural scale models
    • Model yachts
    • Model aeroplanes
    • Toys
    • Souvenirs
    • Furniture parts
    • Latticework
    • Musical instruments
  • Limitations

      For interior applications only

  • Performance
    • Environment Protection Standard: ISO 14001:2004
    • Quality Management Standard: ISO 9001:2008
    • ULEF: No harmful emissions
    • FSC Certified
    • PEFC Certified
    • For certifications see the downloads tab