Justin & Rick from Pearson & Associates Architects talk history, vision and material selection for designing Pou Maumahara, Memorial Discovery Centre at Auckland War Memorial Museum. 

Here are the products Justin & Rick chose for the gallery:

Building Pou Maumahara

It all started at Plytech, carefully selecting plywood sheets for the gallery ensuring consistency and quality. Savoury then did a great job with the cabinetry before installation at the Museum. 

Then & Now

This gallery was the original library, the very basis of why the museum and institute existed. Check out these then and now photos:


You may remember this East Gallery as the 1866 gallery "Centennial Street",  a dark space showing shop and residential fronts as they might have appeared in the rapidly growing seaport town of Auckland in the late nineteenth century. At the end of 2015 the museum started the restoration work and one of major architectural things was to uncover the skylights and allow the natural light in. Now the space is bright and one of the most beautiful spaces in the museum.