Hardwood Formply

Manufactured from Eucalyptus hardwood veneer in a multi laminate panel construction overlaid with a high density resin impregnated film.

Suitable for multiple re-uses but not requiring the highest quality concrete finish.

The multi-ply construction provides increased strength and stability. Hardwood Formply is an economical, non-structural formply ideal for many common concrete forming applications. 

  • Dimensions

    2440 x 1220mm, 18mm

  • Technical Specification
    • Wood Raw Material – Eucalyptus
    • Finish – Dark brown phenol film 120g/m²
    • Class – Hardwood, non-durable
    • Glue Bond – Exterior
  • Concrete Mix/Placement

    Certain concrete mixes, additives and practices can adversely affect the performance of the panel and/or overlay. Slump and rate pour should always be consistent with the design of the form.

  • Cleaning and Treatment

    Soon after removal, plywood should be inspected for wear, cleaned, repaired, spot edge sealed and treated with a chemically reactive release agent before re-use. A hardwood wedge is preferred to hard wire brush when scraping panels.