Plytech Futura HPL is European Birch plywood finished on both sides with a premium quality decorative laminate produced by Egger in Germany.

The durability and attractive colour palette of Futura HPL make it the ideal choice for your architectural design. The fine Birch veneer lay-up provides the Futura HPL with an attractive edge detail which can be clear finished emphasising the superior multi-ply edge detail.

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Quality Management

Environmental Management

PEFC Certification

FSC Certification

Formaldehyde Emission

Fire Testing

Cleaning & Maintenance

+ Applications

Kitchen and bathroom cabinetry.

Office and shop fittings.

Furniture, desks, worktops, shelves and other applications where high resistance to wear and appearance are a priority

+ Features

White, Porcelain, Taupe Grey, Stone Grey, Lava, Mokka and Black, Saffron, Wasabi, Denim

+ Dimensions

2440 x 1220 (18mm) White, Porcelain, Taupe Grey, Stone Grey, Lava, Mokka, Black, Saffron, Wasabi, Denim

2440 x 1220 (24mm) White, Porcelain, Taupe Grey, Stone Grey, Lava, Black

2440 x 1220 (35mm) White, Black

3050 x 1220mm (18mm) White

+ Technical Specifications

Standard – EN 636-2

Finish – High Pressure Laminate 0.6mm

Wood Raw Material – European Birch

Density – average 700kg/m3

Class – Hardwood, non-durable

Glue Bond – EN 314-3: Class 2 Exterior

Glue Formaldehyde Emissions – ULEF:

Ultra-Low Emitting Formaldehyde

+ Environment

Environment Protection Standard: ISO 14001:2005

Quality Management Standard: ISO 9001:2009

ULEF: No harmful emissions

FSC Certified

PEFC Certified