Our Sustainability Commitment

The most important raw material for plywood is a renewable natural resource – wood.

Wood is recognised as the only genuine Carbon Neutral construction material.

The success of Plytech International Limited is founded on loyal long term relationships with premium manufacturers of wood based products from around the world. Our global networking ensures the availability and supply of the finest wood products.

It is important to Plytech that our suppliers are leading the way in third party certification: Management & Safety Standards, Manufacturing & Quality Control Standards, Environmental & Forestry Standards. Full documentation is available to support in choosing the right construction material for your next project.

Very little waste is generated during the manufacturing process of wood-based materials as almost all “by-products” are recycled. For example, our Swiss CDF is for the largest part manufactured by recycling these “by-products” which are generated during processing of European softwoods.

Wood is renewable and versatile and offers great long term investment for the future. Wood provides great sound and thermal insulation properties, offering aesthetic appeal for the creation of naturally healthy living and working environments. Using wood as a construction material will help maintain a warm room, with optimum humidity balance and reduced condensation. Wood is a versatile construction material offering flexibility, performance and texture and we encourage you to look to wood for inspiration for your next project.

The most important raw material for plywood is a renewable natural resource – wood.