Birch S/BB Select

Manufactured in Europe. The high quality of the S-grade face veneer allows for minor imperfections and occasional small pin knots. And the BB back allows for slightly larger inter-grown knots and repairs, making it ideal for office and shop fit-outs and wall and ceiling lining. Discolouration and mineral streaks are permitted. Birch S/BB Select features an attractive multi-ply edge detail, which can be accentuated with a clear finish.

  • Key features
    • European Birch panel – unfinished
    • Straight grain and fine texture
    • Product colour can range from creamy white to biscuit
    • Attractive multi-ply edge detail
  • Dimensions
    • 12mm 2440x1220
    • 18mm 2440x1220
    • 24mm 2440x1220
    • 35mm 2440x1220
  • Scope of use
    • Joinery
    • Furniture
    • School, office and shop fittings
    • Wall and ceiling lining
  • Limitations

      For interior applications only.

  • Performance
    • Quality Management Standard: EN 13986:2004
    • ULEF: No harmful emissions
    • FSC Certified
    • For certifications see the downloads tab.

Case Studies
Auckland War Memorial Museum Feature

Pou Kanohi New Zealand at War Gallery

This is the Museum’s first dedicated war memorial space aimed at educating young people about the War and contemplating why 100 years on, it’s still relevant. The interactive gallery is a public learning resource aligned with the school curriculum, aiming to make this significant event in New Zealand history relevant for young people today.

Pou Maumahara Memorial Discovery Centre

Our Memorial Discovery Centre, Pou Maumahara, is a place for visitors to research and make personal discoveries about New Zealand servicemen and women. Pou Maumahara is home to Auckland Museum's Online Cenotaph. Visitors can explore the stories behind photos, diaries and military collections and contribute further knowledge and information to create a legacy for future generations.

Justin & Rick from Pearson & Associates Architects talk history, vision and material selection for designing Pou Maumahara, Memorial Discovery Centre at Auckland War Memorial Museum.